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Evidence-based information and resources to keep kids safe and nurtured.

Connecting through playgroup | #CommunityStory

Hampden Community Playgroup has connected and bought the small community together by connecting young families.

Finding time for yourself | #MaiaMamaJourney

Maia talks about how her and her partner were able to find time to themselves as they got further into being parents

How to say no to passing baby around | #SKIPTips

Emma with baby Amelia telling her cues for when baby is not wanting to be passed around

Lots of hugs | #SKIPTip

Karl talks about embracing hugging his son for as long as he needs, and enjoying the affection despite the challenges it can create for him.

Being reflective with parenting | #SKIPTip

John talks about how he is reflective in his own parenting

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Tip of the week


Most kids whine at some stage - and most parents find it hard to deal with. Here are some ways to tackle this often irritating behaviour.

Read more Whining

More tips for Whanau

  • Running Away Read moreRunning away

    Toddler running away5
  • Terrible when travelling

    Travelling with kids can be hard on everyone. If you're prepared things will go much more smoothly. Here are some tips for a better journey. Read moreTerrible when travelling

    Baby travel image5
  • Misbehaving

    Sometimes it may feel like you can't take your kids anywhere. More formal occasions like religious services, weddings or funerals can be particularly hard on young kids – and on you! Here are some ways to reduce stress all round. Read moreMisbehaving

    Misbehaving image
  • Hitting

    Hitting is often how kids show their frustration. It's often hard not to overreact, but how you handle will affect how long the hitting continues. Here are some ways to prevent your child hitting and what to do when they lash out. Read moreHitting

    Hitting image
  • Whining

    Most kids whine at some stage - and most parents find it hard to deal with. Here are some ways to tackle this often irritating behaviour. Read moreWhining

    Whining image
  • Being rude

    When a young child is rude, swears or answers back, they're often looking for a reaction from you. It's important to have simple, clear rules that everyone follows, so your kids know what's OK in your home. Read moreBeing rude

    Being rude image3
  • Fighting with siblings

    Most kids fight with their brothers and sisters, and sometimes with their friends. Here are some ways you can reduce conflict. Read moreFighting with siblings

    Fighting with siblings image5
  • Lying

    When under-fives lie, it's not about them being bad or naughty. It's often hard for them to tell the difference between what's real and what's not, so try not to overreact. Read moreLying

    Lying image3
  • Biting

    Biting happens for a number of reasons. Babies can bite while breastfeeding to let you know they're finished or because they're teething while older children can bit out of frustration. Like most tricky behaviour, it won't last forever - but how you react can affect how long biting continues. Read moreBiting

    Child sad biting3
  • Pinching

    Pinching can be a sign your child may be getting frustrated or want some attention. Here are some things other parents have found helpful when dealing with pinching. Read morePinching

  • Hiding things

    When your child keeps hiding things it can be frustrating (especially when it's something you need in a hurry). But it's all part of their learning - and yours! Read moreHiding things

    Hiding things2
  • Having toilet accidents

    Learning to use the toilet is one of the hardest stages there is. If you've got other stuff on your plate, it probably won't be helping the situation. Read moreHaving toilet accidents

    baby toileting
  • Throwing things

    When kids work out how to throw things, they're usually delighted with this new skill and want to do it all the time. To avoid others getting hurt, the trick is to help your child learn when, what and how. Read moreThrowing things

    throwing things2
  • Throwing tantrums

    Tantrums are really common with under-fives - and many parents find them hard to deal with. You won't be able to prevent every tantrum, but there are things you can do to make them less likely. And we've also got tips for keeping your cool when they do happen. Read moreThrowing tantrums

    throwing tantrums

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