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Bringing community together through play

Bringing a community together through play

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Supporting whānau, communities and tamariki to thrive

Videos for whanau

Building a support network

Tara talks about the different places and people that form her support network and how she utilises them in her everyday whānau life.

What matters to tamariki?

We asked tamariki aged 3-7 to share share how they like to be treated. Their words provide insights into what really matters in a positive nurturing relationship.

Creating safe spaces for whānau

Community weaver Sue Rei shares how they set up a toy library in her community of Taita that brings whānau and community together.

Showing pride in your tamariki

Our panel of awesome dads from Ūawa chat about how and when they show they are proud of their tamariki.

Connecting whānau in Turangi

Carol has been running playgroups in the wider Turangi area for a little over forty years. These playgroups connect parents from around the community and encourage learning through play for tamariki

Learning through play

Dorothy talks about the things they do to help her tamariki learn new things in a fun way.

Do things together you enjoy

Paula talks about the things her whānau likes to do together for quality time.

Dreams for whānau and tamariki

We travelled around Aotearoa connecting with some of the SKIP whānau hearing your dreams for whānau and mokopuna.

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Tip of the week

Waiata is a powerful meaning of expression

There’s so much value for tamariki in having songs and music shared with them. They’re attracted to the repetition, rhythm and rhyme. Singing waiata is a great way to share te reo Māori with your tamariki and it's a fun activity for the whole whānau!

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