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Helpful tips for the arrival of pēpi

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Evidence-based parenting information and resources to support whānau

Videos for whanau

Celebrating pregnancy

Maia talks about pregnancy and how she was able to celebrate it.

Supporting young dads during pregnancy

Annalise and Vicky talks about the ways that young dads need support during a pregnancy as well as young mums

Encouraging your partner to be involved in your pr

Hulufe talks about ways in which your partner can help when you are pregnant or with your newborn

Bonding during hapu

Creating an enironment to bond during hapu

Supporting your pregnant partner

Darren talks about the ways in which you can support your partner when she is pregnant, even if it is just something small.

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Tip of the week

Supermarket battles?

Here are some tips to make shopping less of a struggle

- Take some snacks with you
- Keep them involved - give them a job like looking for something on the list
- Try to pick a lolly-free checkout

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