Running smoothly

Once you’ve got your project up and running, you need to keep it on track. You can do this through marketing and promotion, regular catch ups with your team, and monitoring and evaluation. This section will help you keep your project run smoothly.

Keeping things running smoothly can be as challenging as getting started. Here are some things to think about. Thanks to Elaine Dyer and Violence Free Waitakere for their ideas.

Before you start

  • Develop a clear plan for all sessions.
  • Book your venue, caterer, facilitator, resources and the equipment.
  • Sort out how you will record the event, for example with photos or feedback.
  • Check your speakers are ready and know times and places.
  • Send out any invitations and have one person managing the replies.
  • Contact the media.
  • Have any evaluation forms ready to go.

During the event

  • Check that volunteers and facilitators have what they need.
  • Make sure participants fill out evaluation forms.


  • Reflect on what worked well and lessons.
  • Tell your network and funders about it.
  • Send thank you letters.


It's useful to evaluate your event to see if it achieved what you hoped and, for future events, to learn what worked and what didn’t.