It’s important that you ask for feedback on your event so you can find out what was successful and what didn’t work so well. 

There are different ways you can do this.

  • Ask participants to fill out a form with a small number of questions.
  • Ask people to write a brief comment on a board on the way out.
  • Have a quick group discussion.
  • At big event you have people with a clipboard asking two or three questions of a selection of people.
  • Use a picture such as a bullseye and ask everyone to put a mark to show how they thought things went.
  • Follow up after an event with a phone call.

Some other pointers:

  • Keep questions short and easy to answer – “What did you learn?” “What are you going to do differently?”
  • Keep forms clear, with lots of room for comments
  • At a big event offer a prize draw for returned forms – that way you’ll get contact details too.

Once you’ve collected your feedback make sure you go through it and use it in your future planning. You could find some really good tips for what people might like you to develop as a next step or changes you could make to your next event.

Write this up and include it in your report to the SKIP team. Don’t be disappointed if the comments aren’t as good as you had expected – show what you’re planning to do to make it better next time.


This helps you think about how well your project went and what you would do differently next time. You can see if your goals have been achieved and plan your next steps.